Trixie Matatabi Chewing Sticks for Cats 10 gm

Trixie Matatabi Chewing Sticks for Cats 10 gm


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If your cat doesn’t react to catnip anymore or has grown bored of it, you’ll need to upgrade your cat stimulant. And the Trixie Matatabi Sticks 10 g can be just the thing for them! Trixie Matatabi Sticks are sticks made of 100% natural matatabi and which scent will excite your feline to the max. But what is matatabi? Commonly referred to as silver vine and widely used in Japan and China, matatabi is a cat stimulant that contains two different active ingredients. These ingredients may cause your cats to enter a euphoric state that involves behaviors such as rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, meowing, and licking. If your cat isn’t affected by traditional catnip, these Matatabi Sticks for cats are the answer you were looking for. By allowing your cat to enter this euphoric state with each matatabi stick, you can help them relieve stress and anxiety, sharpen their natural hunting skills, and promote a deeper bond with you after the hyperactive effects wear off. Additionally, these Matatabi Trixie Sticks also support your cat dental hygiene, so it the perfect 2-in-1 solution!


  • 100% natural matatabi
  • the scent encourages to play
  • promote dental hygiene


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