Sheba Tuna White Meat in Jelly Adult Wet Cat Food - 85 g (Pack of 24)

Sheba Tuna White Meat in Jelly Adult Wet Cat Food - 85 g (Pack of 24)

Sheba Tuna White Meat in Jelly Adult Wet Cat Food – 85 g (Pack of 12)

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Simply add it to your pet’s meal to infuse flavour and palatability to the dish. Your cat will love digging into these chunks of tuna white meat in jelly. Suitable for adult cats, this premium food is hard to resist.


  • 85 grams
  • Suitable for adult cats
  • Pure Tuna White Meat in Jelly
  • Feed along with a complete meal for nutrition
  • Always have fresh water available for your pet
  • Alter your pet’s diet only on advice of a vet
  • Check for possible allergens


Tuna White Meat, Snapper, Thickening agents (modified starch, guar gum).


What Makes Sheba Gravy So Desirable?


Appealing Flavour

A medley of soft and delicate pieces in delicious gravy, Sheba is loved by cats.

Premium Nutrition

The thoughtful fish mixes ensure premium proteins and moisture in each recipe.

Gourmet Ingredients

With fish as the ingredient, Sheba ensures a wholesome feast for cats.

Responsibly Sourced

Sheba is committed to dutifully sourced seafood and only the finest raw ingredients.

Why can¢¬€š¬¦¡¬t I Feed Her What I Eat or Cook?

Cats are obligate carnivores and require high levels of protein and nutrients like taurine, which cannot be met by home-cooked diets.

What Not to Feed to your Cat?

Baby food or too much milk, onion garlic, raw eggs, chocolate, raw fish, chicken bones and uncooked meat.

Does My Cat Need Milk?

Cats do not need milk with their food as cats may often lose their ability to digest milk as they age, which can cause loose stools and digestive disturbances.

How Much Sheba Gravy Must Be Fed?

Feed Sheba fish mix as a complementary meal with a complete and balanced cat food.

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