Meal Plan

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12th April, 2021

Lunch: Faux batata vada

Kcal: 433-483

Dinner: Soya kebab

Kcal: 62-112

13th April, 2021

Lunch: Chickpeas roll

Kcal: 340-390

Dinner: Paneer paratha

Kcal: 400-450

14th April, 2021

Lunch: Pesto risotto

Kcal: 585-635

Dinner: Chickpeas salad bowl

Kcal: 375-425

Lunch: Paneer tossed salad 

Kcal: 340-390

Dinner:  Asian stir fry with burnt garlic quinoa

Kcal: 450-500

15th April, 2021

Lunch: Green dal vada

Kcal: 229-279

Dinner: Mint chana char

Kcal: 325-375

16th April, 2021

Lunch: Paneer balls in marinara sauce

Kcal: 433-483

Dinner: Classic hummus with pita

Kcal:  434-484

17th April, 2021

The macros mentioned are approximate values for all meals.

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